K-9 Protection Program




The basic K-9 protection program is designed to teach your dog to protect your property, your family and you if you are approached by a stranger in public or on your property who poses a threat to you. Your dog will be evaluated for temperament, training ability, confidence level and drive to see if they will be suitable for this program and your dog must have also successfully completed a basic obedience program/class to even be considered a canine candidate for this program and a certificate of completion must be presented. The K-9 Protection program is 7 months long and your dog will be trained under the direct supervision of the trainer and the owner 4 days a week for a duration of 7 months.

A payment plan of $500 a month will be accepted if payment cannot be made in full and you can pull your dog out of the program at anytime, however once training begins all fees paid will be non-refundable.


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