Behavior Modification Program



This program can be offered in  6 weeks one hour training session per week or 3 weeks two hour sessions per week.  It depends on the severity of the behavior.


If an initial behavior assessment is needed, client must schedule an initial behavior assessment appointment – $80

If volunteers are needed to assist with the training, then an additional $20 per person per training session will be required as well.

Cancelation Policy

  • The client has 24 hours to cancel an appointment
  • If appointment is not canceled within 24 hours, payment will not be reimbursed
  • If appointment is canceled within 24 hours, the cancelation fee will be 50% of the initial  payment
  • If appointment is cancelled due to unforeseen causes, the client will have the option to reschedule the appointment without a cancelation fee applied

Additional information

This Training Includes The Following
Resource guarding
Body Handling
Fear and aggression toward people or other dogs
Persistent escape attempts
Destructive chewing
Threshold guarding