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Christopher Thompson

I have a German rottweiler name five-o that don’t play good with others. Walking him in a park and/or on a leash was one of the hardest thing to do. He have an attitude problem when other dogs are around. It becomes a game of tug-a-war when it comes down to the leash. I felt like I was hurting him by the way I was trying to contain him. Well after six sessions from Mr. Collins I’m now aware of how to walk five-0 on a leash and how to correct his behavior around other dogs. Now I feel comfortable getting my son a puppy of his own to grow up with.

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Danielle Lewandowski

I recently got a Pit Bull from the Portsmouth Humane Society. Shortly after bringing JoJo home, I noticed some issues with her that concerned me. I contacted the person who had been working with JoJo while she was in the shelter and from there, I was connected with Travis. After discussing my concerns about a few behaviors, Travis came to my home to assess the situation. Even before he arrived at my door, he phoned me to help facilitate how and where to introduce JoJo to him to make her more comfortable and to get a better indication of what was really going on with her. In short order, Travis had things under control and was teaching me how to better acclimate her to her new surroundings. I had 3 more sessions with Travis after that. Each time, he was the consummate professional and clearly knew what he was talking about. He even brought over someone to help with acclimating her to my 2 cats. I have been able to use his suggestions and guidance in working with JoJo and she has adjusted very easily into our home and lifestyle. I HIGHLY recommend his services.

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Chiquita Veale

I own a 8 month old Lhasa Apso named Prince and he was out of control. Barking at everything and everybody, having accidents all over my house, running out of the front door as soon as it opened and whining all night long. I couldn’t take it any longer . When I called Travis Collins, head trainer of T.C. Canines, it was the best decision I ever made. He showed me not only how to work with Prince, but also showed me what was actually triggering the behaviors. Now, I have a peace of mind again, thanks to Travis Collins. If any of you dog owners ever have a problem with your dog(s) I strongly recommend that you contact T.C. Canines. The prices are affordable and the services are excellent.

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