Rescue Rehabilitation Program



The Rescue rehabilitation program is designed to assist RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS with training and rehabilitating their dogs at a very low cost to make the dogs more adoptable in hopes that these dogs will become someone’s pet and live in their home forever. This program applies only to Rescue Organizations, not people who have adopted a rescue. The rescue dogs that are placed in our board and train program will be able to stay at the trainer’s house for 6 days while they are in training. The dogs training progress will be recorded and shared to face book and the owner/president of the Rescue will be tagged into each video. The training videos can and will be used to display the rescue dogs behavior and conduct in a home setting and if the rescue dog is adopted the adopter will receive one follow up training session. If additional training sessions are needed then the adopter will be responsible for paying for the additional training sessions.

Private lessons will also be offered for this program to assist rescue dogs that are already living in their forever home. The number of training sessions needed to help the rescue dog with basic training or behavior modification will be determined by the Trainer.