T.C. CANINES, LLC offers professional pet training services, quality dog training and behavior management at an affordable cost.  We build a healthy bond between you and your dog

We also service the following areas: Portsmouth VA, Norfolk VA, Chesapeake VA, Virginia Beach VA, Newport News VA, Hampton VA, Suffolk VA, Franklin VA, Williamsburg VA. and Richmond VA.


Benefits of my services

• You receive one on one hands on private training lessons in the comfort of your home with little to no distraction.

• The environment (which is your home) is less stressful on your dog which is a key element in your dog’s ability to perform desired behavior.

• You are provided with verbal and written training instructions specifically formatted for your dog’s training needs and you will also receive behavior counseling from the Trainer as well as associated outside resources.

• The Trainer will not only show you how to correct unwanted behavior or shape desired behavior such as: sit, down, leash walking, etc… You will also learn how to identify warning signs that could lead to aggression and could possibly injure you or someone else.