Dog Walking




Our dog walking service is designed to eliminate the worry, stress and hassle of your fur baby being crated all day long while you’re out working or having to come home and clean up pee and poop. Most of our dogs are walked between the hours of 8:30 am -9 pm and they are walked for a minimum of 40 minutes per walk per day Monday – Friday. Special request are also accommodated and each dog is assigned to one dog walker. The only time your dog will not be walked for a minimum of 40 minutes is due to inclement weather such as heavy rain, thunder storms or extremely hot weather. In the event the weather is inclement the dog walker will take your dog out for a maximum of 10 minutes so that your dog can eliminate pee or poop and the dog walker will properly pick up and dispose of the poop using poop bags and will keep your dog company for the remainder of the walking time frame.

Daily activity dog walking logs are also filled out and left for the owner to review when you get home which helps you keep informed abot your dog’s behavior in your absence. We also provide professional liability insurance in the event your gets injured by another dog that is not under the control of someone else or just simply gets injured due to the negligence of the dog walker and our insurance will cover 65% of any veterinary expenses.